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Basement Apartment Builders GTA strives to provide top of the line services in construction. Whether you’re looking to renovate a new home or upgrade your existing one, we are happy to help.

We specialize in basement renovations, painting, backsplash installation, drywall, flooring, framing, deck and fences.

We truly care about our employees and clients who make up our family. We understand that real estate can be quite expensive. Therefore, our team is trained to offer our clients a well-thought-out and cost-effective plan to explore the possibilities in our renovation services.

We don’t believe in being the jack of all trades but rather that of which specializes in specific tasks at hand. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver precise services in a timely manner without cutting corners. Contact our team for your free consultation, we look forward to hearing what it will take to make your dream home.

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Specializing in Basement Renovations

Basement Apartment Builders GTA is a construction company servicing all of the GTA. We strive to reach a high level of quality through our renovation services.

We specialize in basement renovations to turn your inhabitable space to an extension of your living space. We understand that not everyone is well versed in renovations. However, our team is eager to hear your ideas and also provide feedback to what makes a quality build & one that is aesthetically pleasing to today’s standards. With that, we are sure your investment will be around for many years to come. We pride ourselves in the build quality of our basement and know that it will definitely add onto the value of your home.

Although basement renovations is what we specialize in, we also have a wide range of services just for you. These services include: painting, deck, backsplash, drywall, flooring and fence. Instead of spending the time to figure out who to allocate work to, we can take care of it!

BAB-GTA values the comradery of not only the employees but the clients who help grow the business. Call us today for a free consultation towards your dream home.